Consumer Support


Customer service and customer retention

Customer service plays a significant role in ensuring that your clients remain “your” clients. In a world filled with choices, you need to ensure that your business remains the first choice, as opposed to a competitor’s service offering. DJTM could assist by suggesting ways for improving customer service, which in turn ensures customer retention.

Customer retention is not the only benefit of great customer service, as happy customers are more than happy to refer you to more potential clients!


Direct Response

These targeted campaigns with a clear objective, attaining an immediate response from a prospect. Prospects are presented with a call to action that directs them toward your campaign goals. Examples of these types of campaigns are Internet marketing; content marketing; social media marketing; display ads; Email marketing; SMS marketing; Experiential marketing; and Direct mail.


Surveys within our space, are a research method where we survey respondents over the telephone. Unlike email surveys or voice-prompted surveys, researchers conduct data collection by conducting phone interviews and collating the responses themselves.

This method of conducting surveys has a host of benefits to clients including a high response rate; high accessibility; prompt and easy data management and data processing.


Technical Support

Our highly trainable and skilled staff are competent in providing your clients with technical support services on any of your product or service offerings.