Business Support


Answering Service – After-hours Support

Much industry research concluded across varying industries concluded that having a quality telephone answering service can help you retain customers, meet their expectations, and provide customer service. The minute monthly payment for the service of answering calls yields a huge ROI month after month.

DJTM can assist with answering all of your calls and be there for your clients when you cannot be. We essentially become your virtual switchboard so that you can focus on growing your business!

We can answer your incoming calls, announce them to you and transfer live calls to any destination both locally and internationally.


Data Cleansing and Data Base builds

Working in the Business Development industry across various sectors for many years, and making use of most of the data management companies has allowed us to realize that regardless of cost, there will always be discrepancies when acquiring or purchasing data.

By using POPPI (Protection of Persons Personal Information) compliant professional demographic data, we can target and confirm various data items and lines.

Our data cleansing service will ensure that your database is updated and accurate. This ensures that there are no uncomfortable or awkward conversations with incorrect persons and voicemail boxes. DJTM would build custom databases by either sourcing raw data and refining it or refining the data provided.


Market Research

Our DJTM team can conduct Market research on various industries systematically gathering data about companies or target markets. We would then analyse the data which allows us to better understand whatever the research purpose is.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management offering connects businesses with their audience to build their brand and drive traffic to their website. This is done by publishing engaging posts with the right messaging and connecting with the right people and businesses.